Keyboard Shortcuts

On mac, ⌘ can be used in place of CTRL

Card Selected

CTRL + C Copy card
CTRL + V Paste card
CTRL + O Open card
Arrow keys Move to the next card
Start typing Starts editing the card
ALT + Arrow key Moves the card
CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow key Copy and pastes the card
SHIFT + Arrow key Change color of the card
DEL Deletes the card

Editing Card

CTRL + A Select all of the text on the card
SHIFT + Enter Add a new line to the card
Esc Cancel changes made to the card
Enter Accept changes made to the card


? Show keyboard shortcuts
ALT + A Add a collaborator
CTRL + F Search
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + + Zoom In
CTRL + - Zoom Out
CTRL + SHIFT + S Sync if integrated with Jira, TFS, Trello, Pivotal, etc...
z Fullscreen mode for card details